Being Intentional

I have taken on a challenge. A blog that I follow regularly (The Thrifty Couple) put up a challenge at the beginning of last year, called Be Intentional. The goal is to take 30 baby steps that will help you live your life more effectively. I decided to take on this challenge about a week ago. I modified some of the challenges to be more specific to my family’s situation, and I’m completing the modified challenges in the order that works for me. You can find the Thrifty Couple’s list of challenges here, but for MY blog, I’m going to focus on using my modified challenges. Because I started about a week ago, I have already gotten through several of them. Over the next few days I will discuss the challenges I’ve conquered, but for now I will just list the challenges I’m going to be attempting.

#1- Consistent bedtime
#2- Consistent wake up time
#3- Make the bed every morning
#4- Get dressed every morning
#5- Stay properly hydrated
#6- Stretch every morning
#7- 20 minute quick clean
#8- Meal planning
#9- Dinner by 10
#10- Take vitamins daily
#11- Replace store bought foods with homemade bulk versions
#12- Develop a nighttime routine
#13- Write out a detailed daily schedule
#14- Complete financial summary questionnaire
#15- Home map for complete clean out and organization
#16- Clean off bathroom counters and do a daily wipe down
#17- Find out what is sabotaging my day and stealing my time
#18- Create a budget
#19- Create price comparisons for frequently purchased items
#20- Make revisions to daily schedule
#21- Create debt overview
#22- Complete debt payoff and goal planner
#23- Find 2% to cut from budget
#24- Set extra income monthly goals
#25- Brainstorm extra money making ideas
#26- Use the THRIFTY weekly planner
#27- Put together home/finance binder
#28- Replace store bought cleaners with homemade versions
#29- Develop a chore system
#30- De-clutter challenge

Stay tuned for more information about these challenges and how I’m doing with them!


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