It’s snowing… inside!

Wow, I am up to my eyeballs in crocheted snowflakes! I’m making them to use as gift tags for my Christmas presents, so I’ve got a lot to make. Last night while I was working on one I realized just how tedious of a process it is… First, I have to string 250 impossibly small beads onto the thread.

Then I have to crochet it, remembering to slide beads onto the correct chains. That leaves me with this floppy snowflake.

After I weave in the ends of the thread, I have to lay it out flat on my wax paper covered pizza box and put 42 pins in to shape it (or more if its an uncooperative snowflake.) image

Then to stiffen it so it keeps its shape, I paint it with clear glue, and sprinkle it with super fine white glitter. I got frustrated last night because the glue was drying too fast, so the glitter wasn’t sticking very well. So I just dumped the glitter into the glue, and now its like glitter paint, which saves me a step and wates less glitter. Once the pinned, glued and glittered snowflakes has dried for at least 12 hours, I unpin them, flip them over and give the other side a quick coat of glitter glue. The second application really helps keep it nice and stiff, plus it adds some sparkle to the other side. Once that side dries, the snowflake is done! image

Now I just need to attach a ribbon or a thread or something to hang them with and these ones are ready to go! I am super happy with how they turned out. I think the little pops of color from the beads is just awesome.

I’ve completely finished 9… Out of the 50 that I need to make. Yikes. I need to get a move on if I’m gonna finish them all in time! The original snowflake pattern I used can be found here. I made a few minor adjustments in the beading and blocking, but when I saw the original design, I knew I was going to be making that snowflake. Well, I gotta get back to it…..


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